Our fight for fresh

When it comes to maximizing efficacy and purity, nothing beats freshness. Nothing.

That’s why everything we do – from our quest for the best natural ingredients to our small batch production – is focused on delivering freshly blended, pure products at the peak of their power.

WHY fresh?

Today most cosmetic products are formulated to last at least 30 months, that is 2.5 years or longer. This makes sense if your only focus is on optimizing the business bottom line, but not if your focus is product performance.

 We have been trained to believe that longer is better, expiration dates are bad and that products should last forever. However, numerous studies have shown that commonly used active agents, such as vitamins and peptides are unstable in cosmetic formulations. They start losing their beneficial properties in just a few months. With no fresh skin care options in sight, we’ve learned to accept the performance compromise of longer shelf-life as a cost of doing business.

That changes now.

WHY fresh?


All NUORI formulas are developed to deliver visible results using only the best natural ingredients and the latest generation of bioengineered actives. Our products are freshly blended in small batches every 10 to 12 weeks at our professional production facilities and promptly delivered to our stores across the world.

 NUORI’s freshly blended formulas are unique in two distinct ways: 


They deliver 100% efficacy. Because we always choose the best actives natural science has to offer, and because our formulas are not weakened by time-related ingredient breakdown.


They are extremely pure – 100% free from synthetic preservatives, stabilizers and other additives normally used to stabilize and prolong the shelf life of beauty products.

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Delivering on our promise

Freshness defines our reason for being and sets the bar for all aspects of the NUORI concept. But we don’t stop there. We also develop intelligent formulas using only the best natural ingredients. And we protect the integrity of these formulas using the highest quality packaging and by marking all products with clear batch numbers and expiry dates.

Welcome to an industry rethink on fresh natural beauty!


Every formula we develop starts with two questions:

What visible and lasting results do we want to achieve? What kind of sensory pleasure do we wish to offer?

We then identify the best natural active ingredients with documented efficacy and safety that will allow us to produce these results. Finished formulas are then thoroughly tested for efficacy, purity and safety according to the stringent European Union cosmetics regulations. We also perform additional testing whenever required by other national regulatory bodies e.g., the FDA in the US. It normally takes us over 1 year to develop a new formula from idea to finished product.


Our premium protective packaging minimizes exposure to air, light and bacteria before and during use. This means every NUORI product you meet is at peak efficacy, guaranteed.


To ensure rapid time to market, NUORI products are freshly blended in small batches every 10 to 12 weeks at our professional production facilities, packaged and promptly delivered to our retail partners across the world.

batch stamp

The batch number can always be found stamped on the front of our outer packaging and guarantees the optimum freshness and efficacy of your favorite NUORI products. We consider this stamp a powerful proof that NUORI products are the freshest on the market. 

Expiry Date

Our natural formulations remain potent and stable until The Expiry Date. This date provides an additional level of transparency and serves as a reminder for when to replace your NUORI product with a new, fresh one. The Expiry Date can be found stamped on the bottom of our bottles or on the top of our tubes.