Julia Laza is a London-based make-up artist, skin consultant, and deputy editor of Volt Magazine. Originally from Russia, Julia started her career in the fashion industry as a model, working with the world-famous agency NEXT Models. 

From 2007-2008 she studied at the New York School of fashion and the year after she enrolled at the Delamar Academy in London graduating in 2010. For the past 10 years, she has been moving back and forth between Tokyo, New York, and London, working on some of the most famous faces, brands, and top fashion editorials including Lipcote, Vogue Ukraine, Elle Russia, and many  more.  

We sat down with the now deputy beauty editor of Volt Magazine, for a talk about career, skincare routine, favorite products, and a perfect spa day at home.

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself (and your skin, of course).   

My name is Julia Laza. I'm a makeup artist and skin care consultant. I have been working in the industry for over 20 years. First as a model in Japan, New York, and many other places and since 2009 I have worked in the makeup sphere.

My skin has been overwhelmed throughout the years. I've had so much makeup applied to my face - I can't even tell you. When I quit modeling, I've become very aware of my tired skin. I'm 37 and not getting any younger. So, I’m very conscious and careful about my skincare routine these days and the skincare products that I choose.

2. When did you start getting interested in skincare?   

6-7 years ago, I realized that makeup looks so much better on well-treated skin. I started applying an express facial on my clients before makeup. And it made a world of difference. So, I had to do my research in that field and got hooked. I have been interested in skin ever since to the point of studying to get my diploma in Cosmetic Formulation. The next step is probably to do my own skincare line.

3. Name one skincare ingredient you can't get enough of at the moment.

Vitamin C, urea and lavender.  

4. What’s the one thing you wished you learned sooner, regarding your skincare routine?  

I wish I learned about the importance of cleansing sooner. With the right cleansing routine, your skin absorbs all the goodness of the products applied afterward, and you will look younger and fresher. 

Julia Laza sitting on white chair in a formal business dress with crossed hands.

5. Do you have any lifestyle habits that have a positive impact on your skin?   

I drink lots of water and just moved to the country 6 months ago. My skin looks much better now that I have all the fresh air around and only use clean natural products.   

6. What makes you feel beautiful (besides skincare)?  

Good sleep, Pilates, and some blush.

7. How would you get ready for a party in 5 min?   

Trouser suit, texturizing spray for hair (Sam McKnight), cushion foundation (Clé de Peau Beauté), eyebrow gel (Delilah), some blush, and a bit of mascara (Code Beautiful). I finish getting ready with a moisturizing glow spray (Masktini). 

8. What are your top 3 beauty tips for our readers?  

  • Find 3 minutes a day for a self-face massage. It really works!  
  • Cleanse your skin with care. Research what's best for you and do it every day!  
  • Use skincare products consciously. Read about the ingredients. Do your research.   

9. What is your favorite NUORI product, and why?   

Infinity Bio-Target Super-Boost Serum is divine. I like the fact that it’s targeting MY skin concerns and is custom made for me. Plus, a little bonus - it smells amazing and the texture feels great!

10. How would you spend your perfect spa day at home?  

Ah, SPA day! I've been dreaming about it for a long time. At home it would be an evening, I'd say a couple of hours if I'm lucky.  
  • Dry brushing my body, while filling up the bathtub with some natural beauty products - lavender oil and salts.  
  • Hair mask.   
  • AHA face cleanser followed by a mechanical exfoliator.  
  • Nourishing mask with rosehip oil and vitamins.  
  • Once out of the bath - I'll apply my serum before the hydrating overnight mask and lip treatment.  
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